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Re: Old Music Standard

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Actually, I will soon release a new version. But the above link is the latest version.
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Re: Old Music Standard

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OCTO wrote: 20 Sep 2021, 17:33 Here is my port of Old Standard, for use within music as text for expression, articulation and so on.
I have fixed the italic f in order to look similar to the stylised f.

version 1.
Wow! this is exacty what Henle use as a text engraving. What a font! I love the italic version, my hat to you Octo. :) and thanks for sharing this.

Edit: How about making a light version of this font? It looks like Nepomuk font is a light version, its the italic version has a different lowercase 'z' while the Old Standard's z is just what Henle use.
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