How do I price a work?

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hautbois baryton
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How do I price a work?

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Hi folks, I am planning to attend the IDRS (International Double Reed Society) convention later this summer and hope to sell a few copies of my work Sept petits humoresques while I am there.

My question is how to price the work! It's a ~20 minute work suitable for advanced amateurs or better.

Any thoughts?
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Re: How do I price a work?

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it's a chamber work? so only the 4 double reeds?

I'd say the number of pages has something to do with it.

My viola sonata, around 40 pages, sells through the CMC for around $30-35 CDN.
My piano variations, at around 25 pages, sells for just over $20.

These are printed on heavy CMC paper (I think you are familiar with it), 9.5x12.5, and have hard cardboard stock covers, printed in colour.

I don't know if that helps.

My symphonies all go for over $100, since they are full-sized orchestra scores at over 100 pages each.
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