Finale 27.2 with Sebastian and Golden Age SMuFL

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Finale 27.2 with Sebastian and Golden Age SMuFL

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I've been testing and refining my* SMuFL fonts, Sebastian and Golden Age, on Finale 27.2, and fixed a variety of local issues.

Most of these were to do with 'baseline' positioning, e.g. where the glyph sits in relation to other objects, to make everything sit correctly with the defaults.

So they should work quite well now. However, some adjustment of distances in Document Options may be inevitable for any font that isn't Maestro, particularly for note flags.

Speaking of which, it's interesting that despite SMuFL providing separate glyphs for each complete note flag, Finale still 'builds' note flags from component parts: so a three-flag note uses one double flag glyph and a single 'combining' flag; a four-flag note uses two double, etc.

Regular readers may know that I've been honing various glyphs, particularly the arpeggio wiggle, figured bass glyphs, harmonics, breves, and others in Sebastian for a while. We're now on v1.07 for Sebastian and v1.002 for Golden Age.


As an aside: I've just put Finale 27.2 on my M1 Pro MBP, and let it run 'native', without any old plug-ins, e.g. JW's, or Noteperformer. And it absolutely FLIES! It's the most responsive that Finale has ever been.

* By 'my', of course, I mean the fonts under my purview. All praise to Don Rice and Florian Kretlow.
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